Mike JohnsonMike Johnson is a young passionate web developer from San Francisco, who dedicates most of his time contributing to major open-source projects and writing software that writes software for him. He uses the little free time that he has left to make up fake identities all over the internet on account of his privacy concerns and the fact that he hates anything #social. Just to alleviate any hurtful mixed feelings you might have, of somehow being lied to, I’ll give you this much: my own mother doesn’t know my real name, that should reassure you…


Yeah, well this is my own little personal blog where I get to post all sorts of notes I take on some of the things I come across in my line of work. If you stumbled upon this site and you’re not me, chances are you’re probably not gonna find it too useful – for which I’m not sorry, to be absolutely honest. I cannot emphasize it enough that this is, after all, a personal blog which was initially supposed to be all private.

But then I thought that if there was the slightest chance that any of this could help anyone out there, even if just a tiny little bit, I should take it. So, in a nutshell that would be the story behind HOWTO8165. Of course, as a blogging noob, I had my first post ever describing the situation thoroughly and you can totally still read about How it all started


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