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How it all started…

How it all started…

Introducing the introduction

Right before starting to write this post, I realized how uselessly long it could get, so even though I’m planning to adopt a rather minimalist approach for followup articles, something tells me this has to be done right. So without any more beating around the bush, the core of the subject revolves around what the hell this is and what to expect from it – of course this will all be explained in a highly unorganized manner through a bunch of chaotic paragraphs that would probably not even make sense if isolated from their context.

What I think of blogs

Blogs have been around for over 10 years now – to this day I do not entirely understand their purpose or nature, nor do I wish to. Last time I checked, possibly around the very first incipient stages of blogging, people would share aspects of their everyday lives over endless pages of rather lame articles talking about… really nothing. My apologies to the interesting people that wrote about interesting things back then – I must have never came across any of their posts and clearly, my sense of reality has been altered in time by those particular traumatically boring experiences.

On the other hand, in my dignity’s defense, I’ve discovered hundreds of interesting blogs in the past few years, that are very much unlike diaries, the type of blogs that contain unusually interesting posts on so many different topics, filled with very useful information, creative, innovative, pure knowledge… I’m ashamed to be unable to recall any names, but I’m sure they know who they are, I know they’re out there… Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that now I know that things got better and I acknowledge the value of good blogs, however I have no intentions or ambitions of getting anywhere close to that.

So, what’s with THIS blog then?

I will be probably, at most, merely taking advantage of this nice blogging platform and free hosting service to keep all my sh** together. And by sh** I mean notes, all kind of notes, generally on tech stuff, web development to be more specific. Of course I might slip in some minor tips and tricks on linux stuff, or networking, git commands or ideas for workflow – God only knows what else at this point, I sure as hell don’t. Generally it’ll probably mostly just be stuff that I could not or would not want to manage to memorize, but come across rather often.

I’m yet once more ashamed that for example, every now and then I google how to do multiple row updates in SQL (yeah, I know…), whereas if I just had a post here just for that, I would only get on my blog, indifferently of where my location would be at that embarrassing moment, and look it up – it would surely be in here somewhere. Also just in case nuclear war breaks out or I don’t know – aliens invade and erase my memories*, I think it would be good to have this blog here saying: “Look here, stupid! This is what you were developing before you developed a passion for anal probes…”. The words Total Recall come to mind…

Enough is enough…

Well, this was hopefully the longest post this blog will ever have, and now that it has to come to and end, bottom line is: I don’t really know what I’m doing, bare with me if you stumbled upon this fascinating blog by mistake and keep in mind that it was not designed for public entertainment anyway but rather more for personal / private use. If you find any of the upcoming content helpful or useful in any way, I can only be glad – spread the word and live long and prosperously. If you find that any of the content is erroneous, outdated or just plain dumb, I’m open to constructive criticism and / or tips for improvement.

* Update: A very good friend of mine suggested that in the event that my memories would get erased, I would have no recollection of this blog – to which I could only say “Good point” **

** Update: So I decided to get this URL tattooed on my back…  (get it?)