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Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Well, as if anybody expected that to only apply to Jack, you can bet your ass it also applies to Mike. That’s right – every now and then Mike needs to take the edge off on some Youtube sh*t (sometimes even for endless hours lost in oblivion) or some damned annoyingly addictive browser game.

But then again, how in f*ck’s name would Mike feel any better about doing so if everything hangs and seems laggy / choppy? He wouldn’t, that’s how. And right about now, he blames it all on Chrome’s hardware acceleration default settings under Linux. Just to make sure, he goes to chrome://gpu/ and witnesses this horrific scene:


But Mike’s a crazy mothaf*cka – he then just goes straight to chrome://flags/ and enables the override on software rendering, thus enabling GPU acceleration on his apparently unsupported system configuration.


He now restarts his Chrome, everything works fine and the Gods of Internets smile approvingly. But just before diving into a multiverse of fun, he takes a few short moments wallowing in self-pity, consumed by doubts about nVidia and random homicidal thoughts about Aquaman while checking the chrome://gpu/ page one last time.


Just to remove any trace of doubt – that green text right there – it makes St. Patrick proud and Chrome run smooth. Mission complete.